i like everything about this pic


i like everything about this pic

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Tomory Dodge - Dragon Teeth (2010)



im seeing a lot of stuff about andreja pejic on my dash so just a reminder that she’s anti-black and has unapologetically used the n slur and has DEFENDED her use of it

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Andreja Pejic, Supermodel, Comes Out as a Trans Woman!


Model Andreja Pejic has been in the public spotlight for a few years, making big waves for her androgynous look and ability to model both menswear and womenswear flawlessly. She’s now in the news again after coming out publicly as a trans woman and announcing that she will start to exclusively model women’s fashion from now on. She says that she is supported by friends and her family in Australia.

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Gustav Klimt - Death and Life, 1916


Hye Khim.

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Men who are progressive, profeminist, or allies to women — we have to constantly check ourselves. We have to be open and listen to women and sometimes respond by taking a backseat and not encroaching on female space in ways that are kind of natural to us. It’s so integrated into who we are as men: to take center stage, to lead, to be out front, to not really understand the power dynamic that’s at play. I think it’s really important for all of us men who are progressive and who are working to eradicate sexism and all the other social ills out there to be a lot more cognizant of our presence in these circles and spaces.
Byron Hurt in an interview with Bitch Magazine being an actual ally 

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Trust - Bulbform